Podium Power: Next Level Public Speaking, Presentations and PowerPoint Repair


This workshop will instruct and guide participants in the development of better public speaking and presentation skills. It will help individuals overcome their fear of public speaking and provide tools to ensure clear diction, a calm voice, and the use of confident body language.

Does your job/career require a lot of public speaking and reporting to groups?  Do you work in or with the media?  Are you unsure of how your speaking/presenting is coming across?  Would you like to be seen as a confident, trust-worthy, and persuasive leader?

If so then let 3V help you develop clear words, a calm voice, and confident body language.  I have been interviewed by newspaper, radio and TV to discuss the best body language and public speaking communication techniques, including breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of political candidates and their performances at major political debates.  This includes the recent Ontario leadership debate with Premier Dalton McGuinty and the 2011 Federal Leaders’ Debate with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is ideal for people that speak to clients, shareholders, peer groups, etc. in meetings and other formal presentation situations or regularly do slide-talks, verbal proposals, keynote addresses, act as master of ceremonies, or do investor or media relations.

What You Will Learn:

A few of the things you will learn in the the Podium Power workshop include:

                  • How to manage the fear of pubic speaking
                  • Verbal techniques to add power and persuasion
                  • How to structure a winning talk/presentation, small or large
                  • How to motivate and influence others
                  • Vocal techniques to sound calm, clear and confident
                  • How to use advanced body language to build rapport and trust
                  • How to use visual aids and hand-outs
                  • How to make your slides not boring
                  • Participant feedback and instructor 3V analysis of performances

Workshop Components:

All 3V workshops are customized to your company and industry needs.  Workshops include light PowerPoint, handouts or workbooks, and are dynamic and interactive.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our options further.  A face-to-face consultation in Toronto can also be arranged.

Required Investment In Time:

We recommend two sessions.  The first should be a half or full day (3-6 hours) with a follow up half or full day a week or two later, for review, individual performances and feedback.