Interpersonal Communication Skills Coaching

Interpersonal skills help you relate better to others, and helps them better relate to you. They encourage friendships and good relationships of every kind, and good communications skills make these benefits easier to obtain. With this in mind, why wouldn’t everyone want to improve their ability to communicate effectively?  

1.  Body Language Secrets

A coaching program designed to help you learn to read body language and to use it to improve your relationships and leadership skills. Read More... 

2.  Communicate With Confidence

A coaching program to build your confidence, boost your assertiveness, and focus on your personal success. Building confidence builds success. Read More... 

3.  The Art of Small Talk and Winning First Impressions

A program to coach you in how to start conversations, how to build rapport in conversation, and how to create relationships that last. Read More...   

Each 3V coaching program is led by an experienced coach and is tailored to particular job and industry, where possible.  Although seeing your coach once a week is typical, clients can arrange the coaching sessions according to their comfort level and work schedule.  3V coaching can occur on-site or at our midtown Toronto office.  These aspects will be discussed during a free consultation over the phone or in some cases, face-to-face.

Everyone is entitled to a free consultation before starting a coaching program.  Many coaching programs include an assessment (see Assessment page) before or at the beginning of the program as well, to get you started on the right track.  

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone or email, or face-to-face in Toronto.  Let’s get the conversation started to see if coaching is the right option for your communication improvement needs.