ESL / Cultural Communication Coaching

The world is global and immigration is at an all time high.  Chances are you are working for a company that uses English as the primary language of business communications, whether you are currently in an English-speaking country or not.  Help yourself or your employees get to the next level of English language proficiency.  Communicate and relate better to clients, colleagues and friends.  Improve your English to improve your place at the company and in your life. 

1. Accent Reduction

In the 3V Communications program the aim is to improve clarity and confidence, and conquer your accent by learning how to speak through it. It reduces accent and improves communication in North American English. We modify accent through something I call “A.U.D.I.O.” ™ (Awareness – Understanding - Drilling - Integration - Ongoing). Read More... 

2. Business English Communication

People judge communication skills based on a person’s speaking, writing, body language, and the ability to use the right kind of language choice for the right context. Spelling and grammar mistakes will create a negative impression, especially in a professional setting. Awkward sentences, incorrect phrases and cultural misunderstandings can also reflect poorly on the person, and may unfairly suggest incompetence. Read More...

Everyone is entitled to a free consultation before starting a coaching program.  Many coaching programs include an assessment (see Assessment page) before or at the beginning of the program as well, to get you started on the right track.  

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone or email, or face-to-face in Toronto.  Let’s get the conversation started to see if coaching is the right option for your communication improvement needs.