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Improve Your Business Communications at April 3 Toronto Event

The key to successfully starting, growing or leading a business is effective communications. Your great idea will not get interest from anyone if you can’t share your vision, persuasively pitch, and clearly market your products and services. Come learn these skills and meet the coaches who can help improve your business communication skills so you can get ahead professionally. And if you're a coach, you don't want to miss this.

TEDx Talk: The Long Life of First Impressions

Proud to have the opportunity to join the TEDx community!  I speak here about first impression management and other interpersonal skills, and share research-based tips to get you to make a winning first impression!  Please like, share and/or comment on the YouTube channel link if you feel like doing so.  :)  Thank you!

Managers Can Improve Their Listening Skills

Managers are in a demanding position in a lot of ways; their daily interaction with employees has to be efficient, friendly, and professional at the same time. They have a unique responsibility to communicate coherently and assign various tasks without coming off as too bossy, but there is one aspect to their communication skills that many managers overlook. It’s called listening.