Our Staff

Ric Phillips  

Ric Phillips

Ric Phillips has been studying human communication all his life, and also teaching communication skills professionally since 1997, here and abroad. Ric understands the damage caused by mis-communication or worse yet, by boring, non-persuasive communication, especially in business. He believes there is no reason to accept generic or below-par corporate communications in today’s world. Ric brings top verbal and non-verbal communication skills to each session, delivered in a dynamic, practical and easy-to-understand teaching program that is specifically tailored to your industry.

Ric Phillips studied communication related courses throughout university and became a certified English teacher through TESOL Canada. After gaining hands-on experience in the office world and teaching abroad, Ric started teaching business communication skills and accent reduction to professionals in Toronto in 2002.

Ric became Canada’s first Communication Coach in 2006, inspired to teach others to master the unique system he had understood and created – the 3Vs of communication - the verbal, the vocal and the visual.  Through the Certified Coaches Federation, Ric became a certified Coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. With his formal education, his many years of teaching and his innate understanding of human behaviour Ric found this company, 3V Communications, in 2007. 


Paul Jenkins

Paul has had a truly eclectic life. After graduating with a degree in Economics and from Officer Training (Artillery) at the Combat Training Centre at CFB Cagetown, he opened his first business, a group tour wholesaling company.

When this interest waned he headed off to Japan in search of adventure and soon became a head teacher at an ESL language school, in addition to coaching high-level executives.  After 6 years there and a year travelling in the US, he headed to Mexico and ended up as the highest-paid consultant for the largest steel company in Latin America - training at the VP level.

More recent endeavors have included: writing and promoting an eBook on VoIP, working as a marketing consultant, and becoming certified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner which he uses in coaching and training.

Dr. Gene Costain   

Dr. Gene Costain

Dr. Gene Costain was a tenure track journalism professor in the U.S. for nearly a decade. Before earning his doctorate he worked for Toronto radio stations CFNY, CFGM, CFTR and the Canadian national CKO news network. Gene worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers in both countries, and has contributed many features, opinion pieces and columns.

Gene has taught courses in news writing, public relations, satire and the news, introduction to mass media, how to write opinion pieces, research skills, and on-air announcing skills. He is excited to bring those topics to 3V coaching and group training workshops. Gene believes that learning occurs when we engage openly in the classroom. His teaching invites and openly stimulates students to reflect on issues, and to always challenge our own cherished premises.

Gene’s research centres on the cultural and historical role of journalism. He is currently researching and writing a book on the news coverage of the animal rights movement (The Newsworthy Animal).